Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Agustin Elvis Hair

Hey guys :))))))))))
So sorry for lack of updates I was really busy these days XD
Before I go on I have to tell you that I decided to postpone the release of that jacket that was in upcoming section sorry about that, but I'm sure you will prefer this one anyway hahahahah
So this is a conversion of one of Agustin hairs
 I liked this hair for the first time I saw it unfortunately he didn't make it for TS3 so I decided to try to convert it
Firs version was terrible ahhahahaha texture whas really bad, mesh had so many transparency issues .....
So because good knows how many of you asked for it I decided to give this hair another try XD
 And this is the result XD

File name: DarkoSIMS3_TM-EM_AgustinElvisHair

Original mesh by Agustin
For the bangs I used Anto's textures (Love U) and for the sides I used TumTum's

I really hope you like it and please be nice and leave a comment XD