Friday, November 11, 2011


Hey guys :)))))))
Again sorry for keeping you waiting so long but better late than never right? XD
I'm not going to bother you any more so here are the stats

It's fore YA/A female
3 recolor able channels (1-skirt, 2-top, 3-studs and skull)
File name: DarkoSIMS3_AF_SkullDress

I really hope you will enjoy this :)
As always feedback is appreciated

Click on the images to enlarge


chobits said...

Glad to see you back! This dress looks amazing!!! Thank you so much for sharing!

Victor said...

The best dress I ever seen for a haloween party. Thanks, Darko)

Anonymous said...

I always love your creations!

Nox said...

It looks very cool. I love the details we have here. Thank you very much.

Wiktoria von Frege said...

I was waiting for the dress since I saw it in upcoming! It looks sexy but rock'n'roll as well and it's the perfect combo <3 It is also well made.
I love all your clothing, for boys too.
Awww and current upcoming thing is even more cool!
You're awesome, Darko. You seem to sense fashion better than most women in sims community. Your making skills are also very high. You deserve more fame and attention. Never stop, I'm your biggest fan! *.*

Jaedub said...

Wow...this dress is amazing!Thank you for sharing your work XD!

etoilethesims3house said...

it is amazing ... incredible!
хвала! Честитамо!

Anonymous said...

It's incredible!
By the way, what skin are you using?

Darko said...

THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH guys I'm really glad you like it <3 ya all

@ Wiktoria awwwwww you will make me blush lol
I'm a fashion designer in RL so having sense for fashion is kinda my job lol
I'm really glad you enjoy my work <3

Skin is by ephemera ;)

Jenipunch said...

LOVE IT, I've been wanting this one since you first previewed it!! Super super gorgeous, I want one IRL!

Nessa said...

The ripped fishnets are hot! But I have to know, where can i find the tattoos????????

Darko said...

Thanks once again XD
Fishnets are by newsea and tattoos are by me but I'm not sure If I'm ever going to upload them :(

Tomislaw said...

Super, super, super i to je sve što mogu reći za ovu kreaciju. A da ne spominjem i kreaciju koju namjeravaš pustiti s vremenom. Materijal mi je odnekuda poznat, da nije iz Generations, samo što je retexture? :D


Darko said...

Hvala Tomo :)))))))))))))
Jeste jedan deo teksture je iz generations-a a drugi deo bolje ne pitaj hahahha najvise sam se cimao oko vratnog izreza njega sam morao rucno da iscrtavam i naravno oko mesha XD ali je na kraju sve ispalo extra
U i bitan detalj ovo je majcica nije haljina XD

Anonymous said...

Hi do I need any expansion packs for this to work? The mesh is from generations?

Tomislaw said...

Anonymous [7:08 AM] - you just need Base Game for this creation. :))

Darko :D Ako je majčica, u jebeno je dobra, samo pripazi da testiraš kombinacije sa svim hlačama, suknjama i sl. da se materijali od hlača, suknji ne bi popeli preko majčice.

Ako nemaš cijeli komplet Store odjeće, ja imam pa mogu testirati za tebe ako želiš. ;)

Ja sam uvijek bio kreativan što se tiče potencijalnih ideja oko pretvaranja gornjeg dijela outfita u majčicu ili sl., ali je problem pozicija UV mape te je znalo biti problema da se materijal od hlača popne preko majčice pa to ružno izgleda. Ali ovdje to jako lijepo izgleda. :)

I bila bi definitivno idealna za trudnoću. :)))

kurquhart1 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nessa said...

Oh Darko, I am sadly dissapointed. Maybe one day I can persuade you to send me them tee hee!

nevertheless kick ass dress it looks sick in-game muah <3

Anonymous said...

where to download hair?

Nox said...

The hair is from Anto It goes so well with the dress and tattoo.
I hope you'll release the tattoo some day.

Anonymous said...

This looks incredible. It's perfect, well worth waiting for!
I featured it on my new custom content site!


KnightDevil♥ said...

Hyaaaa~ It arrived!!!
I like this cloth for the first time I saw it on your upcoming. This's really worth to wait for :D
Thank you for your gorgeous work, Darko :)

Jaggy said...

Is it possible to make these for teens too? =) I always see nice dresses for YA/A but my poor teens are left plain ;_;

Blonde Chaos said...

Fantastic dress! Can't wait to get it in my game :D

lundy said...

Amazing Dress!!!

Where I can find the mouth scar?

Thank you !!!!!!


Unknown said...

Love it! and downloaded ;) also linking to it in a CC post I'm currently making.

It will be titled "CC I've Recently Downloaded"
big hugs

Goggakie said...

Hi Darko! Awesome dress! But I must ask! Where can I get that hair?????????????!!!!

Anonymous said...


You can find the hair: