Saturday, November 10, 2012

Glam Rock Dress

Hey guys 8)

It's me again with the dress that I did recently.
It's kinda a combination of the Kat Von D top and that rock star dress I did a long time ago XD

I really hope you like it
Leave a comment and enjoy ;)

New mesh
YA/A female
4 recolor able areas
File name: DarkoSIMS3_Glam_Rock_Dress



WhiteCrow said...

It's stunning!
I like how realistic Your Textures are <3

KosmoKhaos said...

This is awesome *Q* WhiteCrow is right your textures are excellent!

irKatty said...

Love is so much :D thankyou

KnightDevil♥ said...

Really nice~
Thank you so much for sharing Darko♥
Waiting for the next one :D

JS Sims 3 said...

I love it! So cute! Thank you!

NataliS said...

Darko, it is cool!!!Gorgeous handmade texture!

Iggysaurus said...

Beautiful! I love your meshes! Also, may I ask what hair you used for your model?

Iggysaurus said...

^^Nevermind, I found it! It's Raon 33 if anyone else wants to know. And thanks for sharing your beautiful work with us, Darko!

Unknown said...

so cool!

Anonymous said...

Swooning- your work is too good!